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Boys born from 9/1/2014 to 8/31/2016 are eligible for this program.

Our Scoopers are an “in-house” program for our young boys wanting to give lacrosse a try. We believe this has been a tremendously effective way to grow the game! The boys do not travel to play other clubs, and they play  against like competition. This provides the flexibility for our Scoopers to be coached by multiple volunteers that shape these young men to grow into great athletes, not just lacrosse players.

It is a great introductory and developmental program; moreover, many of our older boys started in this program. We have found it is the best way for the younger boys to have a positive and memorable experience without being overwhelmed.

The registration fee is $175 for Spring 2022 with $25 off for EARLY BIRD through 1/1/22.

Schedule will run from 3/13/22 through 6/5/22

Each player will receive as part of their registration fee:

  1. DSL pinnie

  2. DSL shorts

  3. DSL hoodie (Gildan for YS, Champion all other sizes)

All Boys players are required to provide their own:

  • Men’s lacrosse stick

  • Mouthpiece

  • Protective cup (optional but recommended)

  • Water bottle

  • Athletic cleats (optional but recommended)

Protective equipment can be provided by the player or it can be RENTED through Dulles South Lacrosse. This includes a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and gloves. 


Dulles South Lacrosse offers protective equipment rental for Scoopers. This includes:

  • Helmet

  • Gloves

  • Shoulder pads

  • Elbow pads

The cost for the scoopers equipment rental for Spring 2022 is $25. During registration you will be prompted to check a box if you wish to rent equipment. The $25 will be added to your registration fee. Rental Equipment Issue and pick-up details will be e-mailed to you directly.

Boys Scoopers season will commence in April, 2022.