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Support a Team, Camp or Clinic with your company name!

We are always looking to expand Dulles South Programs to reach as many boys and girls in Loudoun County as possible. Are your looking to connect with families, athletes & youth leaders in our community?

There are many ways for you or your company to support Dulles South Lacrosse and its players. We're hoping you will help us continue to keep the kids on the field building character, developing skills & playing lacrosse all year-round.


Boys & Girls Official Fall Ball Platinum Sponsor - $9,500 (SOLD)


Thank you Stohlman for stepping up and being our lead sponsor for this years Fall Ball Season & Tournament. We look forward to having you at the Tournament while you host a full-size lacrosse goal featuring a "Hector Rejector" with free prizes & raffles.

4 Camps/Clinics - $1,750 (3 of 4 SOLD)


Dulles South runs camps and clinics throughout the year. We run clinics in the Fall, Winter, weekdays & weekends. These programs are structured to introduce new players to the sport and to continue to develop the returning Dulles South players who have fallen in love with this dynamic game! We are always looking for individuals or companies to support these programs so our kids have a safe and fun environment to play lacrosse, learn from our coaches & staff about lacrosse. All while building character and skills that will benefit them on & off the field as well! This helps pay for field maintenance, referees, lacrosse balls, gear, supplies and more.