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Player Commitment to Dulles South Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a great game. It’s fast paced, dynamic, and above all, fun to play. Lacrosse is also a team game and a game of skill that requires practice and a commitment from all players. Every player’s experience on the Dulles South Lacrosse team should be rewarding and fun. In order to achieve these positive experiences we expect the following from all players:
  1. Players play lacrosse because THEY want to play lacrosse.
  2. Players will be respectful towards all teammates, coaches, opponents, referees, spectators and anyone else that they may come in contact with during Dulles South Lacrosse events.
  3. Players are expected to be at practice dressed and ready to play, in full equipment, at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to scheduled practice time.
  4. Players must be at the field 45 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.
  5. All players are responsible to bring all of their equipment, including their protective cup. If a player does not bring all of his equipment, the coaches will decide if that player plays that day.
  6. Players must bring their own water or sports drink, marked with their names, to all practices and games.
  7. Players are expected to give coaches 100% effort and attention at all times. Players who continually “fool around” during conditioning, practices or game situations will be excused from practice or participation in that game. A player who continues to violate this rule will lose their practice or game privileges for a specified or indefinite period of time based on a review or ruling by the lacrosse coaches.
  8. Players are encouraged to ask questions to the coaching staff during practice sessions. There are no stupid questions.
  9. Players will not throw helmets, sticks or any equipment in frustration. NO EXCEPTIONS. Players will “honor the game” and always practice good sportsmanship. We will not tolerate cheap play or a player intentionally trying to injure another player. Fair, aggressive play, is encouraged.
  10. Players (not parents) are responsible for notifying their Head Coach if and why they are going to miss or be late for a practice or game. Players who repeatedly miss practices should not expect significant playing time.