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We have opened our spring 2021 registration. To register just click over to the right on the yellow REGISTER NOW button. 


Good afternoon Dulles South,

We wanted to keep you all apprised of our plans for the spring of 2021. We have every intention of PLAYING LACROSSE! Behind the scenes we have had discussions internally as well as externally to our youth lacrosse program to have a few plans that will allow us to have a lacrosse season. This includes various scenarios, time frames, impacts, etc. This workflow is a fluid process; therefore, we want it known that as every stone we approach, we are turning over.

With that being stated, here are a few logistics we would like to share.

1)     When will spring 2021 registration open for the girls’ and boys’ program?

·       Internally we are working to come up with a specific date. We will have this date set over the next couple of weeks

·       We will continue to have an early bird period and multiple player discounts

2)     What if a lacrosse season is fully cancelled again?

·       A descriptive approach administratively and financially if something were to cancel the season again will be available on our website

3)     What if NVYLL cancels?

·       We are already working with other surrounding clubs to have our own season that will be handled in house but run as close to NVYLL as possible.

·       Our fall boys and girls middle school programs were extremely successful, we are fully vested to make a spring season even more successful

We had a tremendous fall season and can not wait to see your athletes back on the field at the beginning of the year. Please stay tuned and continue to check our website for updates.


Dulles South Lacrosse



A special thank you to all the volunteers, especially the Age Group Coordinators, for their efforts in organizing the start to the spring season. It really takes a committed community of individuals to make Dulles South Lacrosse as successful as it has become. From the Coaches, Age Group Coordinators, Board Members, and the individuals that continuously volunteer their time day in and day out throughout the spring can not be thanked enough. 

We would like to provide congratulations to the following teams on their NVYLL Championship Season. The teams are below; moreover, please click on the teams below (each has a link) to see more details on their championship season. These teams really had a remarkable spring and should be celebrated among the Dulles South Community! Great job all around, Champs!



- 7/8 AAA

- 7/8 UB-2


-12U AAA 

-14U UB

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